Wadhsons is constantly in tune with the demands of consumer’s worldwide, providing avant-garde designs and solutions to manufacturing today’s hottest items in an efficient, yet at a quality that is both desirable and marketable. Our specialty in both men’s and women’s wear lies in Denim Jeans, Sportswear, Twill Trousers and Knitted T-Shirts. We also produce a fresh and exciting range of Teen/Women’s Collection in Cotton & Polyester Spandex, as well as a plethora of unique blend of cotton-based fabrics.

Sourcing   Manufacturing

The first stage in the production of garments is really down to our sourcing team. We have a team dedicated to finding new fabrics and even developing new fabrics to suit our client’s needs. In addition, our devoted sourcing team constantly travels to different factories around Asia ensuring our client’s receive the highest quality garments at the cheapest price possible.


Once orders are placed, our merchandisers are constantly following up with our factories to ensure the goods are being produced in a timely fashion, as well as ensuring that the quality remains at a level where the customer will be more than satisfied with. It is our pledge that we will use our network of strong manufacturing facilities to deliver high quality garments to our customers.

Design   Shipping

Our services are not limited to just the production stage and follow up process; we are more than just a trading company. We design our own clothing and offer our designs to our valuable customers. Our design team is constantly involved in every stage of production, from making sure that size specifications are accurate, to designing hangtags and developing new exquisite accessories for clientele.


Our shipping team is always on top of things – we take great pride in delivering our orders on time. Our comprehensive shipping team guarantees that orders are shipping to customers on time, 100% of the time – without fail.